Active substances

The production of active substances includes processes which must be executed precisely, quickly, efficiently, but also in a gentle manner. A conventional agitator cannot cope with this task alone. For this reason, process plants with integrated high-performance agitator and homogeniser systems must be employed. Due to the rotor/stator system, the homogenising mixer is to ensure the optimum comminution of solid substances while achieving an enlargement of the surface of the powder in the liquid. Agglomerate-free solutions are thus created in a few minutes. The micronisation of pharmaceutical substances, not only achieves rapid dissolving of the lumps, but also a greatly increased bioavailability of the active substances as a result of the enlargement of the particle surfaces during the procedure in the homogenising mixer. The improved bioavailability achieves faster action of the drug substances, reduces the required quantity of the API and enables preparation of pharmaceutical products with fewer risks and side-effects for the patients. Variable setting of the process parameters, infinitely adjustment of the agitator and homogeniser for highly efficient agitation and homogenisation in all speed ranges should be just as possible as simple extensions/upgrades in accordance with the latest developments and requirements.