We understand agitation as a mixing process in liquids, with the aid of variously formed agitating tools. The aim here is the uniform, i.e. homogeneous distribution of all additives and their physical states, such as temperature, viscosity and density.  
Agitation is a sub-area of mixing, which can be described and a basic mechanical process. Solid particles are stirred into a liquid and the miscible liquids are homogenised to provide a uniform structure. In addition, differences in temperature or concentration are compensated. The dissolution process of solids and liquids, as well as the speed of chemical reactions are also accelerated by agitation.

Our dosing station is our latest innovation in the efficient weighing and dosing of liquid raw material components.

The agitation process in detail


Agitation is used in many areas, e.g. in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, as well as in food and biotechnology. Another important area of application is in the production and processing of chemical products. The goal, however, is not only the mixing of different substances but, in parallel, the Aeration or Degasification under vacuum of products, as well as von fast heating and cooling times by good horizontal and vertical movement of the product. Particularly in cosmetics, agitation is a fundamental procedure in many processes, because of its versatility.

This method is always used when the movement of liquids or low shear stresses is sufficient. This is, for example, the case in the production of:


When agitating liquids, it is particularly important that the homogeneity required for the end product is achieved in a short time and with the lowest possible energy expenditure, as well as well as the best possible energy transfer during the heating/cooling processes.   Various forms of agitators (Kammschaufelrührwerk, anchor agitators with current interrupters, Easy Visco agitators, dissolver agitators, propeller agitators, rotary agitators and magnet agitators) solve varying tasks, depending on requirements. Of course, when selecting a suitable type of agitator, the agitator geometry and the design of the drive should be coordinated to the respective process, in order to achieve optimum results.   Thanks to our many years of experience, SEEFRIED Verfahrenstechnik GmbH offers an optimum of efficiency in the design of agitators for your process.