Cough Mixture

In the production of cough mixtures, the fast incorporation of heavy solid materials, e.g. raw materials with different consistency, plays a major role. When preparing cough mixtures, active ingredients with additives such as alcohol solutions and syrup are mixed together to obtain a stable starting product.

Homogenisers and homogenising mixers are ideally suited for the preparation of cough mixture, as these devices are generally powerful and flexible in their application. The range of application possibilities in the case of homogenisers is guaranteed first and foremost by Homogenisation in the circulation process. Homogenising mixers enable radial and vertical mixing, thereby ensuring optimal heating and cooling times.

Fast incorporation of heavy solids in cough mixture production can be guaranteed in homogenisers and homogenising mixers with the precise addition of raw materials, thus ensuring fast product mixing due to short production and cleaning times. The dead-space free cleaning should be ensured by a CIP cleaning system, as well as the sterilisation by an optimal SIP system.