Eye Ointments

Special provisions and the most stringent requirements must be observed In the production of pharmaceuticals. In the case of the industrial production of eye ointments, the freedom from suspended solids must also be observed. The process plants used for the production of eye ointments should be efficient and flexible. The installation of a particle size measuring device should also be possible, e.g. in the homogeniser chamber.

Such measuring plays a crucial role, since only in this way can product quality be controlled and assured. It must be ensured that the number of airborne particles is kept to an absolute minimum. This freedom from suspended solids is essential to prevent large particles in the eye, as this can lead to mechanical irritation.

The protection of fragile cell cultures and quality assurance are important prerequisites for the production of high quality eye ointments. Pharmaceuticals are also highly delicate and sensitive. The CIP cleaning process, as well as the SIP-compatible machine design, must ensure compliance with all hygiene regulations. A rotating system of the CIP cleaning device should be located in the lid to be cleaned (GMP-compatible design), as well as on the agitator of the machine, in order to ensure dead-space-free cleaning. Compliance with all regulations relating to mechanical engineering and hygiene must be a matter of course for the homogenising machines.