Dietary supplements

Due to the differences in the nature of the ingredients, very flexible and powerful mixers and homogenisers are employed in the production of dietary supplements. Most mixing and homogenising mixers allow the use of different rotor/stator combinations, depending on the product. With high-shear homogenisers, for example, virtually all suspensions or emulsions with different viscosities can be processed.

Homogenisers can homogenise, disperse, suspend or pump, according to the type of dietary supplement.

The protection of fragile cell cultures and quality assurance are a key requirement for the production of high-quality dietary supplements. The ingredients are in part extremely sensitive and delicate. Due to variable rotation speeds and individually adjustable shear speeds, modern homogenisors ensure gentle processing of sensitive vitamins or bio- and cell cultures. This enables the production of products with the finest consistency, even without high-pressure homogenisors. A CIP Cleaning Process, as well as an SIP-capable machine design must guarantee compliance with all hygiene regulations. A rotating system of the CIP cleaning device is normally to be found fixed in the lid.

For the quality assurance, a GMP-compliant mixing vessel design, which plays an important role in the cleaning of the plant, is to ensure that no dead-space arises during the CIP process. The parts that are in contact with the product are developed and manufactured especially for the GMP-validated environment.