The demanding regulations in the pharmaceutical industry for the production of pharmaceutical products make great demands on the production plants. The protection of fragile cell cultures, process management according to the highest CIP- und SIP requirements, comprehensive safety measures, for example in the handling of concentrated acid compounds or explosive mixtures – these are all requirements that must be fulfilled.  Also the most precise automatic dosage of ingredients, which is crucial for the even distribution of the active ingredient in medications, places particular demands on process technology.

Not only the technology used is important; reliability is naturally of the utmost importance, especially in pharmacy.

Typical Applications in Pharmacy

Details – Pharmaceutical production

The pharmaceutical industry is in the forefront regarding the requirements in all areas of process engineering and often requires specially developed solutions. One requirement in the production of pharmaceuticals is, for example, the most precise temperature control over the entire process. A temperature control ensuring that a tolerance range of 0.5°C is maintained throughout the process is not a rarity.