Process Engineering

Transfer Systems

Transfer systems are always used when products are being transported from one place to another. This often occurs in the form of raw materials from storage vessels, preliminary phases from pre-phase vessels, finished product in storage containers or tanks, finished product direct to filling, etc. Such transfers can be carried out by means of pumps or by vacuum, in order to ensure the most efficient transfer of substances at the respective required temperatures.

Depending on the requirements, transfer systems can also be equipped with heating, for example in the case of substances that become crystalline at low temperatures and would thus block the pipes. Heated transfer pipes can also be necessary in the case of very temperature-sensitive products, in order to meet tolerances in the manufacturing process. Precise temperature regulation during the transfer of sensitive products enables substances to be transferred without damage (such as suppositories or other preparations containing active substances).

SEEFRIED Verfahrenstechnik GmbH is available to assist you, both in the interpretation and conception of new transfer systems, as well as in the evaluation and optimisation of your existing transfer systems.