Cosmetic Pastes

Cosmetic pastes are substances with a specific composition. The pastes are intended for external use and are characterised by drying, secretion-binding properties. Large quantities of powder are stirred into the pastes and finely dispersed. For this reason, pastes can be referred to as concentrated suspension salves. There are various types of pastes: One often distinguishes between hard pastes with a solids content of up to approx. 50 % and soft pastes with an approx. 30 % solids content.

In the production of cosmetic pastes, the handling of a wide range of viscosities must be considered, in addition to clean production processes. During homogenisation, pumping ensures a uniform homogeneous product. In the case of the agitators, it is important that the product is both radially and vertically mixed and homogenized. The rotational speed can be used to adjust the intensity of the homogenisation.

The production steps in the preparation of pastes are usually carried out under aseptic conditions. Modern production plants also enable automatic production control, as well as fully automatic recipe and batch control with GMP-compliant documentation.