Injection solutions

In the industrial production of injection solutions, solid and liquid substances are often mixed to produce a solution for direct application. The active ingredients are frequently in powder form, while the remaining ingredients are mostly liquid.

Modern homoginisation mixers have to enable sterile production, optimal possibilities for controlling and monitoring production processes and fast production, as well as accurate documentation of the production steps.

Particularly suitable homogenisation mixers in pressure and vacuum-proof design offer not only performance and flexibility, but also numerous possibilities for the installation of additional measuring units, for example a particle-size measuring device. The number of airborne particles must be kept as low as possible, as freedom of suspended solids is necessary to filter out particles up to a certain size from the solution and produce a high-quality injection solution.  

With identical layout of design and performance of laboratory machines, an increase in product quality and exact Scaling-Up is ensured. Furthermore, production must be made possible, while complying with complex recipe regulations. Aseptic construction of armatures/fittings and GMP-compliant design enable flexible employment of homogenising mixers in the production of virtually all pharmaceuticals, from liquid to semi-solid.