Dosing station for
liquid raw material components

Dosing station for liquid raw material components

Our dosing station for liquid raw material components – in other words: Increased efficiency in your weighing process!

An important task in pharmaceutical and cosmetic factories within the batch preparation is the weighing of raw materials according to the given recipes. A substantial effort in this area can be attributed to an average number of raw materials that are required at a high frequency for the batch processes in the homogenisation mixers. Unless fully-automated dosing is directly integrated into the process plant, the weighing process has always been a manual step. Calculated in relation to the volume of the finished product, for example, the time and effort that goes into weighing is highest in the case of raw materials that are used at high frequency, but not necessarily in large quantities. This means that a large proportion of the effort if the entire weighing process is attributable to raw materials which make up only a comparatively small volume of the total product.

For this reason, SEEFRIED Verfahrenstechnik GmbH has developed an efficient and user-friendly dosing station, in order to enable an increase in the efficiency of the weighing process.

The main advantages at a glance

  1. Rationalisation or increased efficiency in the weighing process
  2. Avoidance of incorrect weighing
  3. Increased process reliability
  4. Automisation and data linking of the processes, thus improved warehousing

Utilisation of the dosing station in detail

The different liquid raw materials are connected to the weighing system via a pipeline system and dosed into the corresponding containers according to the recipe specifications. Elaborate handling and transportation of the liquid raw materials to the scales is also dispensed with, as well as the re-storage. The result is a significant increase in efficiency in the area of weighing and, furthermore, an improvement in process reliability.  

The dosing head accommodates up to 15 dosing valves and is optimally positioned above the scales at the height and position of the raw material container. The dosing head can be maneuvered by means of a vertical axis and an (optional) transverse axis and thus supply other scales. In a separate liquid raw material store, the liquid raw material is fed to the scales from storage tanks or from IBC tanks via pumps and pipelines. The control is carried out via touch visualization for each raw material in the area of the scales. As an additional option, the corresponding quantities of raw material can be transferred optionally via an interface from an ERP system to the control unit of the scales in accordance with the recipe sequence. The scales value controls the quantity of raw material to be dosed according to the specifications and the specific run-on times. The dosage accuracy can be adapted to the corresponding raw material by means of a correction factor. Furthermore, a label or barcode printer can be connected as an option in conjunction with the scales.

Of course, we can also integrate further customer-specific requirements into the innovative technology of our dosing system to deliver a solution tailor made to your process.

Dosing station for liquid raw material components

  1. Dosing of up to 15 different liquid raw materials
  2. Movable vertical axis or adjusting to the container height
  3. Movable horizontal axis or supplying a further set of scales
  4. Interface to ERP system or weighing terminal
  5. Visualisation of the control unit via colour touch panel
  6. Label/Barcode printer (optional)
  7. Pipeline connections
  8. Explosion-protected design in accordance with ATEX regulations
  9. Storage tank connections
  10. IBCs connections
  11. Feed pumps with control units

SEEFRIED Verfahrenstechnik GmbH provides you with a dosing system tailored to your requirements – “Turn Key”.

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