Process Engineering


In the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, the individual parts of the plant are connected to each other by pipelines.
The pipelines are sub-divided into:

  • Pipelines for energy sources, such as steam, condensate, cooling water, compressed air, etc.
  • Product pipelines, such as raw material pipelines, ultrapure water pipelines, product pipelines, etc.

The demands on the pipelines within the production plants are subject to

  • the influences of the medium to be conveyed
  • the temperature of the medium to be conveyed
  • the volume flow of the medium to be conveyed
  • the viscosity of the medium to be conveyed

The operational requirement have an influence on the choice of

  • material
  • wall thickness
  • nominal size
  • nominal pressure

The design specifications are defined in company-specific piping classes. Further  conditions that influence the piping and pipeline routing:

Pipe fixing

  • Piping supports located between the building and other plant surroundings
    • transfer the forces of the pipeline
    • enable or hinder movement of the pipeline
    • are classified according to their function
  • Pipelines are supported in the following varying ways:
  • hanging (rigid or sprung)
  • supporting (rigid or sprung)
  • guiding (sliding, rolling or flexible)
  • blocking (cushioning or braking)
  • The supporting spans of the pipeline mountings must be selected in such a way that deflection of the pipeline is prevented.

Marking of pipelines according to flow substance is essential

  • in the interests of safety
  • for proper maintenance and repairs
  • for effective fire-fighting

The marking is carried out by means of

  • signs or stickers with identification and, if necessary, additional colours and inscriptions.
  • coloured rings and fields with identification and, if necessary, additional colours and inscriptions.
  • Should the temperatures or loading of the pipelines change, the length of the pipes also changes.
    The basic conditions change, not only between installation and commissioning, but also during operation.

SEEFRIED Verfahrenstechnik GmbH can support you in the design and preparation of the requirement specifications, as well as in the procurement of the process engineering pipelines.