Process Engineering

Control Systems

Individual control systems for your process plants ensure optimum efficiency and process safety. The controls of agitators should meet the Safety - Performance Level in accordance with DIN EN 62061 / ISO 13849 SEEFRIED Verfahrenstechnik GmbH creates the requirement specification for the control functions of the process plane according to the requirements of the plant/plant area. The corresponding interfaces for data collection and documentation are described according to this scheme. The control systems should include modern and reliable control concepts. Depending on requirements, the concept of agitator control systems should include the simple control with touch panel up to the process-guided recipe method. From the user interfaces, which graphically represent the plant structure, all functions of the plant should be arranged in a clear, operable manner. All machine run data should be logically stored in a databank under the batch number and displayed graphically and accessibly. Despite complex technologies, an intuitive and clear operation should be taken into account when developing the control system. The control system must be self-explanatory, so that the operators can quickly familiarize themselves with the operating functions of the machine and the process plant. Thus, users do not have to absolve long training courses in order to be able to operate the control system.

The control system should be attractive and future-oriented. A modular, clear control concept increases economic efficiency. In the case of larger plants, all process steps/raw materials/weighing data should be made available to the process plant by means of an ERP system. The executed work steps should be returned to the ERP system. From the actuator sensor to the connection with your existing ERP system, a high degree of standardisation and modularity is presupposed. A diagnostic module for permanent monitoring of the functionality and stability of the entire system should be taken into account during the planning of the plant. Thus, downtimes during production can be reduced to a minimum. In deciding on the system platforms, consideration should be given to a market-leading system platform, such as from Siemens or Wonderware Inc. These are constructed on a modular basis and can be supplemented as required. This ensures that the control system is precisely geared to the demands and needs of the customer.