Construction supervision
of process plant components.

The acquisition of complex process engineering plants is usually associated with a relatively high capital expenditure for the purchaser, in order to ensure that the purchased plant also fulfills the required performance after commissioning and meets all customer requirements. Construction supervision can already ensure the quality assurance desired by the customer at an early stage after the contract has been awarded. The expenditure is generally well invested, as early control of key components often saves unpleasant conflicts with suppliers, for example in the case of the FAT. Some quality deficiencies cannot be completely remedied in the finished state when the machine is accepted, so construction supervision is recommended, in particular in the case of complex systems.

Our services for you in the field of construction supervision include:

  • Scheduling coordination of your orders.
  • Drawing checks (diagrams – installation plans – pipeline routing) and approvals in consultation with you.
  • Construction supervision of the execution in accordance with the agreed scope of services, as well as the generally accepted rules of technology and their regulations.
  • Monitoring and execution checks that the GMP rules (Good Manufacturing Practice) are adhered to or can be implemented in the production state with the equipment to be purchased.
  • FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) of the machine or plant, as well as in-depth testing at the manufacturer’s premises for compliance with the quality requirements as stipulated in the specification.
  • Verification of completeness according to the specification and submission of the CE Declaration of Conformity according to the Machinery Directive. 
  • Exhaustive test run of the machine with inspection of the safety devices, insofar as this is technologically possible and the conditions for this exist at the manufacturer’s premises.
  • Logging of the FAT and, if necessary, creation of a list of open points or defects which must be processed by the manufacturer by the time of delivery of the machine or plant.
  • Installation supervision and verification of the installation.
  • Assistance in the monitoring of functionality of the plant component and of the complete plant.
  • Monitoring of elimination of the defects identified during acceptance of the performance.
  • Quality Inspections within the framework of the DQ - IQ - OQ – PQ.
  • SAT (Site Acceptance Test) in your production at the final installation site.