Skin Care

Skin-Care products are produced for the pharmaceutical as well as for the cosmetic field. Skin Care is usually referred to as multi-phase preparations for direct application to the skin. The preparations include lipophilic and aqueous phases. In the case of hydrophobic Skin-Care emulsions with greasing and water-repellant properties, substances with different viscosities, such as water, oil and wax, are combined and dispersed. Also with hydrophilic Skin-Care products, the bases of which are removable by washing and are quickly absorbed by the skin, substances of different consistency and properties are mixed and emulsified to create a fine emulsion.

In addition to sterile preparation, the handling of a wide range of viscosities must also be considered in the production of Skin-Care products. Skin-Care production is first and foremost facilitated by specially conceived procedures for the suction and incorporation of raw materials in powder form. Efficient systems operate in reverse mode and can mix highly viscose products in all directions, both vertically as well as horizontally.  Modern homogenising mixers have modern, semi and fully-automatic cleaning and sterilisation systems to achieve a perfect cleaning result. The high-quality Skin-Care preparations are created in a vacuum and air-tight atmosphere, in order to produce products which are as low-air as possible. The combination of several production steps in one processing operation also saves on material and production costs.