In the production of pharmaceutical pastes, basic substances and active substances are combined to produce a stable, durable and effective finished preparation. These preparations are intended for external use. Many pharmaceutical pastes dry out wounds and have a secretion-binding and antiseptic effect. In these, active substances and ingredients with differing consistencies are combined. The constituents that are present in powder form at the beginning must be dispersed or dissolved in the course of production in order to be able to build a finely distributed dispersion with the remaining ingredients of the paste. Depending on the type of product, the solid content can vary between 50 % and 25 %.

In the production of pharmaceutical pastes, not only the sterile production is to be considered, but also the handling of substances with differing viscosities. Production plants in modern design are extremely flexible and efficient in use. In addition to homogenisation in the vessel or in re-circulation procedure, these process plants can also provide infinitely variable speed adjustment for efficient yet gentle processing.