Schedule Planning
& Monitoring

An exact scheduling serves to theoretically depict the construction phase before the execution. If a plan of procedure (Project plan) is provided with calendar data, it then becomes a schedule. Schedules are the prerequisite for ensuring that planning documents, order placement, labour force, working time, equipment, production materials, as well as purchased goods are available at the right time, in the right place and in the required quantity.

Project planning is an important step towards achieving a goal quickly and safely.

Frequently asked questions in scheduling/project planning are:

  • How long will it be before the project is completed?
  • When must it start and what must be done to ensure it is completed on time?
  • Which tasks must on no account be delayed?
  • Where are reserves still available?

In order to achieve the project goal, the project has to be divided into its substructures. Incorporation of tasks into the schedule is to be structured according to the requirements and the necessary time planning. The schedule planning must clearly show what must be completed by the individual participants of the project and when, in order to achieve the project goal within a given time framework. Delays to projects due to insufficient planning and non-compliance with deadlines result in additional expenditure.

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