Many starting materials and active ingredients can be used in the industrial production of gel for the pharmaceutical sector. In many cases, the polyacrylic acid Carbopol is used as a versatile thickening agent, as Carbopol can thicken a large range of solvents and even nonpolar systems. Carbopol also enables an easily controllable application. In the mixing process, however, numerous factors must be taken into consideration in order to ensure a sterile and efficient production process. The incorporation of Carbopol in powder form requires a multi-stage mixing process, the adherence to certain speeds and the avoidance of air intake.

For the homogenising mixers, a uniform incorporation and wetting of powders is necessary to keep the suction and Homogenisation as easy and trouble-free as possible. Appropriate feeds, which prevent clumping, are also necessary for powder. When adding powders to the liquid phase of the product, a low rotational speed is to be maintained to prevent the incorporation of air in the gel. The mixers should therefore be provided with infinitely variable speed adjustment of the agitator and the homogeniser.

In this way, highly efficient Agitation and Homogenisation can be carried out at optimum rotation speeds. Incorporation of additional liquids or powders (in this case Carbopol) by means of vacuum regulation in the circulating flow under liquid level in the vessel can significantly reduce process times and air intake, with an increase in product quality.