Infusion solutions

Infusion solutions are produced in a multi-stage process, the implementation of which combines the most precise product knowledge and the highest precision. As infusion therapy is employed in numerous medical fields, the infusion solutions are characterised by different composition and active ingredients. Depending on whether infusions are used to supply important medication, nutrients or other substances, they support the healing process and may, under certain circumstances, even be part of life-saving medical procedures.

For this reason, infusion solutions must be produced extremely precisely, conscientiously and in compliance with strict safety and quality criteria. Gentle agitation and precise heating and cooling with minimal tolerances are the prerequisites for the production of infusion solutions. The process for the production of solutions for infusions consists of several steps, which have to be carried out as quickly and smoothly as possible. Agitators and homogenising machines are not only suitable for production of infusion solutions because of their performance and flexibility, but also enable, for example, the installation of a particle size measuring device in the homogeniser chamber.

GMP-compliant design of the plant and, if desired, fittings that are as aseptic as possible should also be a matter of course for the perfect and sterile production of such products. Such measuring plays a decisive role in the production of infusions, as only in this way is it possible to control and ensure that the number of airborne particles is kept as low as possible. This freedom from suspended solids is necessary in order to be able to filter particles of up 0.2 in size out of the solution. Before the preparation of the infusion solution, the required raw materials (e.g. glucose or common salt) are weighed according to the order and recipe. Sophisticated recipe management, production and batch record, as well as archiving and raw material management is extremely helpful here.

Scaling-Up enables uncompromising precision from the lab scale to the production and process plant. Thanks to identical layout of design and performance, modern process plants guarantee fast and precise reactions, while maintaining constantly high product quality.