Lip gloss

Liquefied lipstick compounds are usually referred to as lip gloss. For this purpose, the lipstick compounds are additionally enriched with care products, flavourings and moisturizing substances. They also contain colour pigments, aromas and preservatives. The consistency of lip gloss products is less viscose compared to lipstick compounds, as lip gloss is produced from wax and oils and does not contain any hard fats.  

Modern homogenising mixers can take over the melting of fats, as well as the suction and homogenisation of the liquid oils with optimum temperature control. Heatable pipes, which should be integrated into such plants, prevent the setting of the components and contribute to an enormous optimisation of production times and costs.

High-performance agitators can carry out several production steps in parallel quickly and with high efficiency. In addition, an infinitely variable rotational speed adjustment is to ensure an effective yet extremely gentle incorporation of flavourings, aromas and colour pigments during the lip gloss production process. The pressure and vacuum-proof design of the homogenisers enables the processing of ingredients in a protected atmosphere.

With modern process plants, an optimal incorporation of the colour pigments into the respective base substance can be achieved. With the right design, peculiarities such as particle size, particle surface and composition can be taken into account during production in the homogenisation plant. This contributes to conservation of the active ingredients during the production phase and allows the colour pigments to develop optimally when in contact with the lips.