In the production of suspensions, constituents with different viscosity are combined. As the solids to be incorporated as well as the liquids used possess different properties, the preconditions for mixing also vary considerably.  

Homogenising mixers offer solutions for most special applications and enable easy, virtually dust-free handling of the solids by means of specially developed processes for the dispersion of raw materials in powder form. In the production of suspensions, high-performance process plants ensure the precise addition of raw materials for accelerated process design to achieve the shortest possible production and cleaning times and increase production capacities.

CIP-cleaning devices built into the lid and optional spray heads attached to the agitator, as well as the possibility of sterilisation (SIP), are intended to enable the best possible cleaning options for the plant and thus enable a speedy product change, as well as automated cleaning processes.

The production plants for suspensions should provide very flexible and highly efficient agitation and homogenising features, which combine several process steps and reduce production times. Versatile mixers take over the introduction of solids, such as powder under liquid level, enable optimal powder wetting, as well as the separation of agglomerates and individual particles. Optional particle size measurement allows control and security of the products that are to be produced. The aim behind this is to keep the number of airborne particles as low as possible. This freedom from suspended solids is necessary to filter particles of up to a certain size out of the suspension.