The production of vaccines requires the highest precision, as vaccines, in contrast to other pharmaceutical products, may contain biological substances and, in some cases, also live pathogens and require much longer production times. Furthermore, extremely stringent safety and quality criteria must be adhered to in the preparation of vaccines. Quality controls occupy the largest part of the entire production time. The specific nature of the constituents of a vaccine also makes production more difficult.

In order to meet the numerous provisions for vaccine production, the production machines must fulfill all production-relevant aspects. Innovative plants enable uncompromising precision, from laboratory scale to production plant. On the basis of identical design and performance, agitation and homogenising machines ensure fast and precise scaling-up whilst maintaining consistently high product quality. The aseptic construction of fittings, as well as GMP-compliant design of the plant and the integrated cleaning system (CIP) for dead-space-free cleaning, ensure compliance with the hygiene regulations. Needless to say, aseptic sterilisation (SIP) of the plant must also be possible.

Of great importance in the production of vaccines is also the most precise documentation of the production steps by the powerful software.  

From a small recipe control with separate recorder for documentation, to a large visualisation on a touch-panel with operating panel, integrated recipe sequence for production and cleaning steps, ongoing documentation of all process running in the background, as well as operation of the systems via a central control unit, modern process plants offer a program tailor-made for each customer.