Hair Care Products

Cosmetics for hair care are chacterised by in part widely varying composition. They are intended for application after hair washing. For this reason, the pH-value of most hair care products is in the “acidic” range and is intended to ensure optimum smoothing, easier combing, healthy appearance and hair repair. Constituents frequently found in hair care cosmetics are proteins, acidity regulators, moisturisers and preservatives, oils tensides, perfume, static inhibitors and lubricants.   

The production of hair care products takes place is multi-stage process steps, which should be carried out by powerful plants.

Homogenising mixers can suck in and mix substances with different viscosity in one process step. Water and fat phases can be processed under the influence of temperature or in the context of a cold production procedure. In complex process plants, the raw materials can also be melted, dissolved or mixed immediately prior to their addition to the basic substance. The highly viscose components of hair care products can also be processed using modern homogenisation and agitation plants.

The equipment can achieve an optimal distribution of the constituents, reduce particle size for fine distribution of the emulsions and increase the effectiveness of the substances by dispersion. The plants can also take over the important control of the pH-value during the entire production of the hair care products.

All CIP cleaning systems should conform to state-of-the-art technology and guarantee compliance with current hygiene regulations for hair care cosmetics.