Collagen as a biopolymer is increasingly used in medical technology and in the Cosmetic Industry. As a natural raw material, collagen is used in the production of active ingredients  in cosmetics. The industrial processing of collagen requires great understanding of the active substance and high technological expertise in the extraction and processing of the raw material. As collagen is obtained from varying tissues from different animal species, the properties of this natural active substance vary. The property characteristics of collagen-based active substances must be stable and reproducibly adaptable, in order to open up new fields of application.

In addition to high performance and flexibility, homogenising mixers can offer a wide range of innovatively developed facilities, which can be employed in the processing of collagen. Pressure-resistant machine designs, process runs under vacuum and easy-to-operate control systems optimise the production of chemical and cosmetic raw materials, including collagen. An infinitely variable speed adjustment of the agitator and the homogeniser ensures highly efficient Agitation and Homogenisation  in all rotational speed ranges, in order to ensure gentle yet effective production in the case of sensitive substances. Modern homogenising mixers in collagen processing also provide for stripping that is independent of rotational direction, in order to achieve optimum heating and cooling times and, due to radial and vertical mixing, enable working with high-viscosity products.  

Comfortable suction of powder, water and fat phases, as well as homogenisation of powders under liquid level, is intended to guarantee fast production cycles.