Shaving Cream

A good shaving cream must first and foremost provide for a gentle shave. The cream must grease the beard hair and swell this with the moisture to enable easy shaving. A good shaving cream should also nourish the skin. In order to comply with these requirements, shaving creams require numerous active ingredients and an optimised production process.

With a pressure and vacuum proof design, modern homogenising mixers enable optimum production processes and, in the first place, ensure airless filling of the shaving products. A shaving cream must only come into contact with air when being used, in order to ensure optimal foaming of the product. Mixing and filling in a protective atmosphere is an important step in the production of shaving cream.

The remaining active substances can optimally develop their effect by means of fine emulsification: Homogenising mixers can ensure this in the production phase with high-performance agitators and special mixing systems. In addition, homogenising mixers must be specially designed for optimised shaving cream production, with aseptic GMP design, with integrated Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) design and with the corresponding CIP system.